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Living in Endless Love book

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About the Book

Living in Endless Love

Finally, a complete and appropriate book on sex in marriage. Living in Endless Love is here to educate, uplift, and encourage married couples in all things related to their sexual relationship. Sexual intimacy is a very critical aspect of marriage, but this crucial topic is often considered off-the-table for discussion. A lack of knowledge on the subject ultimately weakens the sacred bond that spouses share. In this book, you will discover not just WHY couples should have sex, but HOW intimacy can bring love into their hearts and their union.

Author Produced after over ten years of research, this is no ordinary book on sex. Instead, it is a guide to help couples revive their love and attraction and increase the unity in their relationship, heal their marriage, and knit their hearts together as one.

This book answers many common questions and misconceptions regarding sex.

  • The divine gift passed down from Adam and Eve.
  • Why it is important to develop intimacy in your marriage and sex life and how to do it.
  • Full anatomical discussion of both males and females and how anatomy relates to sexual response.
  • How to increase the level of the love-hormone, oxytocin, in your life and your marriage.
  • Over 60 sex positions with illustrations and discussions about how to perform each one.

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